martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Toyota y sus problemas

Los ingentes problemas que enfrenta la empresa automotriz japonesa Toyota han dado lugar a una serie de estupendos chistes en la televisión gringa, seguramente reflejo de una shadenfreude resultado de tantas décadas en las que la industria automotriz estadounidense ha debido tolerar el liderazgo de sus rivales japoneses. He aquí algunas perlas resultado de esta catarsis:

"Over the next two weeks, we're going to have the Winter Olympics... They're doing something this year that is going to add a little more excitement. All the bobsleds are made by Toyota," Jay Leno.

"Critics of the automobile industry are saying that Toyota executives knew about the problems with the brakes years and years ago. And they're wondering, rightly so, why did they drag their feet? Well, trying to stop the car. That's what they were doing," "Things are dangerous, and I'm coming to work in my car. Here's how scary it is. The navigation lady was actually praying," Letterman.

Leído en Twitter: User @evilray posted: "Hey, y'all! Check out my new Toyota keyboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

"Toyota has issued a recall of 8.1 million vehicles whose faulty gas pedals could cause them to accelerate out of control. In their defense Toyota's slogan is "Moving Forward" -- they don't say anything in there about stopping," The Colbert Report.

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